Internet Access

VOOM Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

VOOM is the name of Royal Caribbean’s high-speed internet service, the fastest internet at sea. VOOM is 6x faster than any other internet at sea! For the first time you will be able to stream music and movies, upload pictures, video chat with family and friends using FaceTime or Skype, check your email, look at your stock prices, surf the web and stay connected with work.

The cost of VOOM varies by the number of devices and the service package purchased. Passengers will have the ability to purchase VOOM pre-cruise or after boarding.

The following VOOM Surf + Stream Voyage Packages are offered by Royal Caribbean:*

1 Device – $25.99 per day

2 Devices – $43.98 per day

3 Devices – $61.97 per day

4 Devices – $79.96 per day

*Offerings and pricing are subject to change at any time.

What Passengers Think

This was our first RLC and it was AMAZING!! The entertainment was top notch! And what made it even better was all the awesome people! We are booked for next year!

Jeremy, RAWK! Jeremy, RAWK!

We have been on all RLC’s and they have all been awesome! The lineup is always great!! The musicians are super friendly! Pam and her staff do an excellent job year after year!! Not only is the music great, but the people you met become lifelong friends. This is the best vacation ever! If you haven’t been on one yet, book now….they sell out quick!

Ali & Tony, AWESOME!!!!!! Ali & Tony, AWESOME!!!!!!