The Cold Stares

Playing 2025

About The Cold Stares

The Cold Stares is often endearingly referred to as a Southern band in the press and by fans, despite being a modern blues-rock power trio based out of Evansville, Indiana. Yet, there is an elusive Southern quality to the three-piece band’s music and storytelling songwriting.

Maybe it’s because guitarist-singer Chris Tapp and drummer Brian Mullins are from Western Kentucky. Though the guys have never shied away from their heritage, on their aptly-titled seventh album, The Southern, out September 6th on Mascot Records, The Cold Stares explores what it means to be Southern through delving deep into themes of resilience, redemption, and the enduring power of personal and musical legacy.

Initially formed in 2012, The Cold Stares began its career as a duo, but expanded its sonic firepower with the addition of bassist Bryce Klueh in 2022. Though the trio has below the Mason-Dixon Line origins, the group mines a woolier sound than expected. Fuzzed-out guitars, Zep-style riffs, and fleet-fingered Cream-style improvisations abound, as do nods to Delta blues.

The group has been praised by Classic Rock Magazine, No Depression, and American Songwriter, among other outlets; reached #1 on Amazon Music’s Blues Rock album chart; earned prime sync license placements in commercials, on major network television, and on sports games.

What Passengers Think

I can honestly say the cruise was incredible – from the music, food, drinks, and service from all involved. Everyone was cheerful and helpful. The Gary Hoey Jam was. The ultimate. I was tired and did not think I would be able to stay awake or stay on my feet all night long. All of the food establishments were very tasty and clean. Considering this is the peak of flu season, I think the ship was very clean and the staff went above and beyond to keep it that way. Great time had by all. Thank you everyone involved.

Patty, Cruise was incredible! Patty, Cruise was incredible!

This was our first RLC and it was AMAZING!! The entertainment was top notch! And what made it even better was all the awesome people! We are booked for next year!

Jeremy, RAWK! Jeremy, RAWK!