Two Wolf

Played 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023 & Playing 2024

About Two Wolf

Formed in 2015, built on the platform of what is referred to now as Classic Rock is a band with a driving force of “in your face” Rock ‘n’ Roll to stir the soul and make you move your feet to the music. No pretense, heavy based tribal beats to please the listener.

Two Wolf is Greg T. Walker, Kris Bell, Lance Lopez and Rusty Valentine.

Greg T: Bass guitar, founding member and twenty-four-year veteran of Blackfoot. Muscogee Creek from the Eastern Branch of the Florida Creek Tribe, “pipe carrier,” has achieved many gold and platinum records in his career and toured the world many times. Also, an early member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, you will find his name on many of their records. He has appeared on many recordings with other artists and released a solo record that nominated him for Best New Artist, Video of the Year, Song of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native American Music Awards. He has also written for two commercials and has a song in the pending new movie Two Nations.

Kris Bell: Highly recognized lead guitar, lead singer and songwriter. Based in Nashville, Kris has released many CD’s and is an award-winning artist. He has toured the country, appeared on many tv shows that establishes him as a force to reckon with. Outstanding performer! He has shared the stages with many of the top recording groups through the years.

Lance Lopez: Lead guitar, lead singer, songwriter and based in Nashville is also a highly recognized artist with a catalog of CD’s under his belt. Having performed in and alongside many great artists has left his imprint in the industry. Another outstanding performer!

Rusty Valentine: Southern/Hard Rock drummer who makes his home in north Florida leaves his mark everywhere he goes with everyone he has performed with. Very lucky to have him in the fold again and looking toward the future.

What Passengers Think

I can honestly say the cruise was incredible – from the music, food, drinks, and service from all involved. Everyone was cheerful and helpful. The Gary Hoey Jam was. The ultimate. I was tired and did not think I would be able to stay awake or stay on my feet all night long. All of the food establishments were very tasty and clean. Considering this is the peak of flu season, I think the ship was very clean and the staff went above and beyond to keep it that way. Great time had by all. Thank you everyone involved.

Patty, Cruise was incredible! Patty, Cruise was incredible!

This was our first RLC and it was AMAZING!! The entertainment was top notch! And what made it even better was all the awesome people! We are booked for next year!

Jeremy, RAWK! Jeremy, RAWK!