Cour Supreme

Played 2020

Cour Supreme band photo

About Cour Supreme

Cour Supreme provides a fine, heavy, greasy and groovy boogie rock. A powerful and flawless rhythmic section, a «bison sounding» guitar, a warm and captivating voice, serving efficient original songs, plus some legendary covers. Cour Supreme? They are the law and you will love that.

  • Gilles Chevalier:  Drums
  • Jean-Marc Palma:  Bass, Vocals
  • Judge Fredd:  Guitar, Vocals

Cour Supreme was formed in 2010 by veteran rock musicians, Judge Fredd, Jean-Marc Palma and Gilles Chevalier. Their first 5-song EP came out to great success and they began touring for over three years, opening up for artists such as The Quireboys, Wishbone Ash and Phil Campbell. Meanwhile, in 2013, they released the anticipated answer to their first EP, simply called #2. The band was hired by French brewery, Marshall Beer, to help promote their launch and this is where the Cour Supreme hit, We Want Beer anthem was created. Their latest single, Big Zulu, off their soon-to-be released 3rd album, is a powerful straight-forward rock piece that shows that rock music is alive and Cour Supreme is here to bring it in full force.

Some Reviews

Metal Integral
…Ideal soundtrack for a Harley Davidson gathering, # 2 is a no-brainer that makes you nod on all titles, singing the chorus at the second listening…

Metal Chronique
Those three guys just put their guts on the table. The songs are linked naturally, without dead time or lack of taste.

Rock n’ Roll Blog
Big guitars, tight rhythms, male choruses. If this is your conception of music, look no further, Cour Supreme is for you.

Rock Made in France
Cour Supreme bring life back to this blessed period of the gods where the guitars roared, and the music was all noise and fury. So do not miss this excellent band.

Spirit Of Rock
I’ll be clear: these guys have the guts and the talent to make us a 100% Rock album with a big “R.” I’m referring to this rock that we do not hear too much nowadays, the one with big guitars, amps kneeling, heavy bass and sharp drums.

Pavillon 666
Supreme Court has managed the difficult challenge to impress us with a rock that, although composed in 2013, sounds really 70’s, the old and devilish way.


Gilles Chevalier
Gilles has been playing in several bands and with well-known European artists Pick Up, Jean-Jacque Milteau, Studs, Paul Personne, Daran et Les Chaises, Fool Moon, Big Ben, etc. He was the drummer of La Grosse Émission, a TV show on a comedy channel in France.

Judge Fredd
Judge has also played with Jean-Jacques Milteau, Studs, Daran et Les Chaises. Aside he is also a well respected guitar gear reviewer since more than 20 years for different medias (Magazines, YT channels).

Jean Marc Palma
With Fool Moon he played more than 1,000 gigs in 25 years, including events such as the Bol d’Or (24-hour, French motorcycle race in Le Mans) and South by South Festival.

What Passengers Think

This was my 5th RLC out of 6 and will be on the next one in 2019. It is the only way to do a cruise and one of the best ways to have an over the top rock ‘n roll experience. There are three venues with shows going on from 10 am to past 12 midnight – every day! Once you’re done for the night, the convenience of your cabin is just steps away. The RLC lineup speaks for itself. There is so much talent, legends and upcoming rockers, on the ship! The people, your fellow rockers, are all there for the same reason – rock ‘n roll! Don’t be surprised if you run into a few rock stars on the elevator or just hanging out watching a show.

L. Kelly, Best Rock'n Roll Experience L. Kelly, Best Rock'n Roll Experience

This was our first RLC, we REALLY wanted to do this one because of Uriah Heep and The Circle. The fact that Steppenwolf, Blue Oyster Cult, and Bad Company were on it also just sweetened the pot. It was our first time seeing Todd Rundgren, Gary Hoey, Quiet Riot, Artimus Pyle and Elvin Bishop, who were all great! We caught parts of some of the other bands and unfortunately some not at all. We didn’t leave the ship at all because there just too much GREAT music!
The artist we met were all very nice. Loved the Meet and Greets. And now we have new bands to follow.
My only complaints ( and they wouldn’t stop my husband and I from returning) were the saving of the chairs with towels, and the staff in the buffet room seemed ill equipped to handle the crowds, which were predictable. Also, I thought the buffet room should have had longer daytime hours, that would have helped with tables not available. But we weren’t there for the food or the destination. We were there for the non stop music. Gary Hoey and the All Star Jam was the best surprise, we didn’t move for 3 hours, didn’t want to miss a second of that great show. Gary was a terrific host.
We will be back! Oh and fun swag too!

Beckie Webster, Terrific Beckie Webster, Terrific