Cruise Costs Explained

Base Cruise Fare
The prices found on the Pricing page are the base cruise fares per person. Cruise prices are based upon double occupancy (two people in a cabin), so if you plan to go solo, expect to pay nearly twice as much. The cost includes your onboard accommodations, ocean transportation, most meals onboard, some beverages onboard and lots and lots of live rock and roll music!

Port Taxes, Fees and Daily Gratuities
Taxes and fees are charged by the governments and port authorities. The cost is an additional $200 per person and this year we are changing this up a bit and including your daily gratuities in your cruise cost. This is great because you get to include daily gratuities in your interest free payment plan and when you get on the ship, you won’t have to worry about paying that extra fee each day.

For Standard Cabins (Junior Suites and below) an additional $254 per person will be added to your cruise fare at the time of booking to cover taxes, port fees ($200) AND your daily onboard gratuities ($13.50 per person per day/$54 total for cruise).

For Suites (Grand Suites and above) an additional $266 per person will be added to your cruise fare at the time of booking to cover taxes, fees ($200) AND your daily onboard gratuities ($16.50 per person per day/$66 total for cruise).

Daily onboard gratuities apply to guests of all ages and stateroom categories. They are shared between your onboard service team which includes dining services, your stateroom attendant and other hotel services. If a crew member provides exceptional services, please feel free to reward them with an additional gratuity/tip onboard.

After you pick out your cabin category, take that per person fare and add $254 or $266 for your taxes, port fees and daily gratuities to get the total per person cost. From there you can calculate your total stateroom cost. That is the total amount you will be responsible for paying through our online registration system.

Daily Gratuities and Other Gratuities
Again, the daily gratuities for standard cabins are $13.50 per day, per person ($54 total per person for the 4-night cruise). Passengers in suites will pay $16.50, per day, per person ($66 total per person for the 4-night cruise).

But maybe you are curious where those daily gratuities go? Here’s how it is shared between your onboard service team:
Standard Staterooms:  $6.35 – Dining Services; $3.45 – Stateroom Attendant; $3.70 – Other Hotel Services
Suites:  $6.35 – Dining Services; $6.10 – Suite Attendant; $4.05 – Other Hotel Services

Also keep in mind an 18% gratuity is automatically added to all bar service beverages, mini bar items and salon and spa services. These gratuities may be itemized on your receipt.

Food and Drink
Wait a minute – I thought food and drinks were included on a Royal Caribbean cruise! You are correct, some food and drink are included in your fare. The reality is, most people opt to get more than just what’s included. From sodas and beers to meals in the specialty restaurants, there’s plenty to be had. You can add one of Royal Caribbean’s drink packages and make restaurant reservations during the Royal Caribbean Online Check-In process or after you board the ship.

Shore excursions include a variety of tours, shows and other activities you can take advantage of while the ship is in port (Fort Lauderdale and Costa Maya). Excursions vary in price and duration. You may book shore excursions during the Royal Caribbean Online Check-In process or after you board the ship. Closer to the cruise dates we will post information about the excursions that will be offered.

Trip Insurance
Yes, Trip Insurance is another optional cost of your cruise, but from what we’ve seen, it is well worth strong consideration! Trip Insurance Information

Wrap Up
So, to wrap things up, you need to be aware the following are not included in the cruise price:

  • Dining in Specialty Restaurants
  • Spa and Salon Services
  • Gambling in the Casino
  • Art Auction
  • Rock and Roll Memorabilia Auctions
  • Any purchases made in the gift shops onboard
  • Shore Excursions
  • Photographs (taken by the ship)
  • Video Arcade
  • Medical Services
  • Internet Access
  • Transfers
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
  • Ship to Shore Telephone calls
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages (excluding water, lemonade and iced tea)

What Passengers Think

We signed up for our first RLC Cruise (VI) 15 months in advance and counted down the days the entire time. I worried myself that it couldn’t possibly meet my own mountain-high expectations after that long wait. It absolutely did. Every band that we saw played at an amazing level (and some of them are over 70!). And they cared. These groups love playing this gig. It shows.

The ship and its crew were wonderful. Food was good. We had great weather. And to top it off, the people are amazing! Such a beautiful, hip, relaxed and respectful gathering of rock fanatics. This is truly my tribe and my vibe.

Can’t make RLC VII unfortunately but we’re just waiting for the announcement for RLC VIII later this year. This cruise is rock’s best kept secret.

Peter, New RLC Patron of Rock Peter, New RLC Patron of Rock

We’ve been on cruises before, but this one was so different and so much fun! Leave your dressy clothes at home. Pack your concert T-shirts and you’re good to go. The music is top notch and yes they still sound great!! I feel like it was a once in a lifetime experience (unless I go again).

Kris, Bucket List Kris, Bucket List