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Time of my life

Jan 29, 2015 by Anne

I have nver had such a good vacation in my life. If you love music, this is it.

Best ever

Oct 10, 2014 by sammie cline

We have never been on a cruise before RLCI. We are hooked! This is an experience of a life time. The people, bands are awesome, need I say more....RLC is the only cruise that we will ever do. Dont wait for band announcements to book or you may miss an experience of a life time!!! Love all the ladies of NAHA for taking on the monumental task of putting Woodstock of the Sea together!!!!!

One Rock Solid Ride

Oct 01, 2014 by Free Bird

Is It Feb Yet Folks ? This Will Be The Cruise To Remember !!!

Greatest Time

Jul 19, 2014 by Theresa Carmichael

I can only give this cruise 5 stars. Wouldn't consider anything less. We went on RLCII and ready to go on RLCIII. I can't think of anything negative to say. We hung out with the band members at the pool bar. They were happy to have pictures made with us. All the cruise staff was very nice and helpful. Three stages so always a band to watch. We left our room around 10 A.M. and didn't come back until after Midnight. When one band was finished another was starting on another stage. You won't regret it!

On the Wait List for RC3 ....

Jul 11, 2014 by Mark Gregor

I'm on the wait list for RC3 but love the reviews and *hoping* to submit my own if we are chosen! Otherwise, I look forward to reading the reviews when you all return!

Best to you all!


May 25, 2014 by morri

RLC3 is going to be my 1st time rockin' the boat...

WOW...... wave runnin' with 24 bands !!!


RLC3 Ultimate vacation

May 13, 2014 by Roger and Kat Schwarting

We can never go on a regular cruise again. Time of our lives. RLC1 will be hard to top but were gonna try. See you in the bahama's


Apr 03, 2014 by gg

We have been on RLC I & II. Loved every minute of it! Can't wait to do it again! Best vacation ever. Fabulous music, great atmosphere, fun people!


Mar 29, 2014 by allison



Mar 03, 2014 by Stephanie Belgard

Looking so forward to going on this Cruise! I literally can NOT wait! I have been bragging to everyone I know..Any UPDATES on any NEW bands? Come on feb. 2015!!!.

Rock Legends Cruise , USA 4.9 5.0 78 78 I have nver had such a good vacation in my life. If you love music, this is it.