Getting to Port Canaveral

Getting to Port Canaveral

Any costs provided below are approximate and may change considerably. The service providers mentioned below are not recommendations, they are merely options for you to consider. All services booked are at your own discretion.

Directions to Port Canaveral & Parking Info

If you plan to drive to Port Canaveral the day of the cruise, visit the Port Canaveral website for directions and parking rates. Park at your cruise terminal’s designated parking area and take a short walk to the ship. Oversize parking for RV’s and buses is available at each Cruise Terminal.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) Arrivals

For folks flying, most will arrive via the Orlando International Airport (MCO). The Orlando Airport is 45 miles west of Port Canaveral and the trip takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. You can rent a car, but there are several other options to get you there. Some of the options are pricey, but you won’t be paying for parking at the port and/or your hotel.

Shared Shuttles
The most economical option is to use an independent shared shuttle service. Roundtrip service will likely cost around $40-60 per person, but the rates fluctuate.

Some Shuttle Options: Go PortCocoa Beach ShuttleMears ShuttleCortrans ShuttlePort Canaveral Shuttle Service

Hotel Shuttles
Many hotels also offer shuttles for an additional cost. Some have shuttles that pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel and then to the port the day of the cruise. Be sure to ask for rates for each trip you need.

A one-way trip from the Orlando airport to Port Canaveral by taxi is estimated at $115. As many as five passengers can ride for the same price as one passenger, so a taxi can be economical for small groups, but pricey for just one of two people.

Expect the ride to be about $60-$70 per car (not per person), each way.

Vehicles for Hire (Private Cars/Limos)
There are many companies that offer private car service, including some of the shuttle companies listed above. If you are traveling with a larger group, the per person cost can be surprisingly affordable. Orlando Airport has a list of companies that are permitted to pick up passengers that have pre-arranged transportation with the company.

Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB) Arrivals

The distance from Orlando Melbourne International Airport to Port Canaveral is about 33 miles, but it takes around 50 minutes, depending on traffic.

Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) Arrivals

Orlando Sanford International Airport is 61 miles north of Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal. Allow at least 1 hour and 10 minutes for the drive.

Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) Arrivals

Daytona Beach International Airport is about 75 miles north of Port Canaveral and takes about 75 minutes depending on traffic.

What Passengers Think

First time on RLC cruise and it was, by far, one of the best damn times I’ve ever had in my life! Loved every band we saw, especially Sammy, Bad Company and Artimus Pyle! Had already booked for VII before we even went on this one and won’t be giving up my reservation for anything! I do agree with another reviewer that the chair reserving/holding on the deck needs to be addressed and the smoking everywhere on deck 11 was a little much. Thank you NAHA for nailing it for us true rockers!!

Mary, Talk about a Rock-n-Roll fantasy! Mary, Talk about a Rock-n-Roll fantasy!

I made 33 concerts this trip, and my wife had to miss a few. We had to miss quite a few meals to make all the concerts, but it was worth it. Also made 3 photo ops. Coming from Alaska we seldom get the chance to see a concert much less 33 in 3-1/2 days. My rating is still the same, on a scale of 1 to 10, RLC is a 100 (yes, one hundred). Thank you Pam, may you rock on for many more cruises.

Will & Cindy Godbey, NON STOP ROCK Will & Cindy Godbey, NON STOP ROCK