Preacher Stone

Played 2011

About Preacher Stone

Ronnie Riddle – Lead Vocals & Harmonica
Marty Hill – Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar & Dobro
Ben Robinson – Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar &Vocals
Johnny Webb – B3, Piano, Keys & Vocals
Josh Wyatt – Drums & Vocals
Jim Bolt – Bass Guitar & Vocals

Guitarist Marty Hill formed Preacher Stone choosing award winning Nashville Singer Ronnie Riddle as lead vocalist. Together they have become one of the strongest song writing teams out there touring. They took their time searching for the musicians who they wanted to form the band line-up. These top musicians in their fields would join them to form Preacher Stone – Johnny Webb (Keys), Jim Bolt (Bass), Ben Robinson (Guitar) and Josh Wyatt (Drums).

Preacher Stone was launched by Kurt Sutter who put their song “Not Today” on two seasons of his Hit FX Series, Sons of Anarchy. They give the show credit for quickly expanding their fanbase stateside and abroad.

The band feels their 4th release, Remedy, is their best work musically as of yet. The album is a “press play” journey from beginning to end. These guys are the real deal and Preacher Stone’s music appeals to a wide variety of music fans. Their 2017 six country European tour was so successful, they headed back to Europe in 2018.

Some have called it a true resurrection in Southern Rock like the greats of the 1970’s who paved the way for classic rock played by good ole boys from the South – Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Marshall Tucker, The Outlaws and from the 90’s The Black Crowes.

The recipe for their growing success: great music, powerful live performances and the relationship they have with their fans. They are partnered with Texas Silver Star Whiskey and the band signed with label NoNo Bad Dog Productions in 2016.

What Passengers Think

My husband and I took a chance and booked our first ever cruise in December 2011 after listening to a radio commercial about a cruise with ZZ Top, George Thorogood and John Kay playing and cruising with us (among many other great bands!). This was “Woodstock on Water”! We have been on every one since and have made many new friends who we correspond with throughout the year and look forward to seeing every year. There should be a different word than “Cruise” to describe this because it does not compare to a standard cruise by any means. Seeing- greeting-hugging-taking pictures with so many of our idols – PRICELESS!! Pam and the NAHA staff do an outstanding job and we always book as soon as each cruise booking opens – no need to wait to see who will be rockin’ us! If you like classic and southern rock and have not booked this cruise, do not wait or you’ll miss out. It sells out earlier every year. (Love to all the Dfers and FB Rock Legends Cruise Fans and FB Rock Legends Cruise Party’ers!)

Judy Diaz, DON'T MISS OUT! Judy Diaz, DON'T MISS OUT!

I made 33 concerts this trip, and my wife had to miss a few. We had to miss quite a few meals to make all the concerts, but it was worth it. Also made 3 photo ops. Coming from Alaska we seldom get the chance to see a concert much less 33 in 3-1/2 days. My rating is still the same, on a scale of 1 to 10, RLC is a 100 (yes, one hundred). Thank you Pam, may you rock on for many more cruises.

Will & Cindy Godbey, NON STOP ROCK Will & Cindy Godbey, NON STOP ROCK