Preacher Stone

Played 2011

Preacher Stone

About Preacher Stone

Hailing from the Charlotte, NC area and Nashville, Preacher Stone has found their place in the modern era of rock and roll.  Their driving musical style offers a classic rock vibe with a modern heavy rock experience.  Formed in 2008 by Marty Hill and Ronnie Riddle, this band knows the recipe for any down home rock appetite.  Hellfire and brimstone guitars, soul-shaking rhythms and songs about the common man are the foundations that support Preacher Stone’s dirt clod slinging rock which echoes Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet as well as vintage Bad Company and Led Zeppelin.

Following the success of their debut CD with the hit song “Not Today” featured on the popular Fox television Series Sons of Anarchy the band’s popularity grew quickly.  “Being put on Sons of Anarchy really brought the band a lot of attention and we have watched our fan base, which we refer to as The Congregation solidly grow” says Guitarist Marty Hill.

With the release of their second CD “Uncle Buck’s Vittles,” 2011 has started off to be another strong year for the band, whose members are:  Ronnie Riddle (Lead Vocals, guitar), Marty Hill (Lead Guitar/Slide), Arda Bagcioglu (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Josh Sanders (Bass Guitar, Vocals) and Brent Enman (Drums, Percussion, Vocals).

“Uncle Buck’s Vittles” named after their favorite watering hole, Uncle Buck’s All American Pub and Grub in North Carolina, is a collection of well-written, masterfully performed songs that range from the classic heavy rock sound of “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” and “Nuff Said” to the heartfelt parents message to their children in the song “Hand On The Bible” to the high octane country ditty, I’ll Be Damned.  They also perform a version of “Come Together” by The Beatles that will open your eyes like red-eye gravy on grits!   The band is offering a Free download of their veteran’s tribute song “Carved In Stone” off their website.  The new CD has something for everyone from rock to country with songs off the new album also being featured in the new movie “Witness Insecurity” starring Meatloaf, Ed Asner and Edward Furlong (Terminator.)

Preacher Stone is an Americana rock band whose potent mixture of rock and blues resonates with you long after a show!  “Seeing Preacher Stone is like driving 200 miles per hour in the rain,” says lead singer Ronnie Riddle, “All you can do is hold on and enjoy the ride!”  A more accurate description of a Preacher Stone show may not be found.  Their often truthful stories of love gone bad, revenge, drinking, brawling, partying and friendship, delivered from the heart are all guaranteed to move the faithful and convert those who have yet to see the light!

What Passengers Think

My husband and I took a chance and booked our first ever cruise in December 2011 after listening to a radio commercial about a cruise with ZZ Top, George Thorogood and John Kay playing and cruising with us (among many other great bands!). This was “Woodstock on Water”! We have been on every one since and have made many new friends who we correspond with throughout the year and look forward to seeing every year. There should be a different word than “Cruise” to describe this because it does not compare to a standard cruise by any means. Seeing- greeting-hugging-taking pictures with so many of our idols – PRICELESS!! Pam and the NAHA staff do an outstanding job and we always book as soon as each cruise booking opens – no need to wait to see who will be rockin’ us! If you like classic and southern rock and have not booked this cruise, do not wait or you’ll miss out. It sells out earlier every year. (Love to all the Dfers and FB Rock Legends Cruise Fans and FB Rock Legends Cruise Party’ers!)

Judy Diaz, DON'T MISS OUT! Judy Diaz, DON'T MISS OUT!

The Music, The Ship, The People are ALL Great! What an amazing experience. My wife and I had a GREAT time!

Rick Booth, Awesome! Rick Booth, Awesome!