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by LeslieG on Rock Legends Cruise
great experience!

This was our first cruise as well as first RLC. What a blast! NAHA knows how to do it right! Practically non stop music from big named artists to fabulous up and coming musicians, this cruise rocks! I got hooked for Sammy but seeing some of the other artists were also highlights! And everybody we met was very cool! Maybe not for VII, but we will be back in the future!

by Kris Bennett on Rock Legends Cruise

2018 was our first Rock Legends Cruise and as soon as we got off the boat we booked RLC7 for 2019. The entire experience was such a good vibe. Everybody on board from passengers to artists are just having a great time. It's not hard to do when everyone around you is happy.

by Lynne Bexley on Rock Legends Cruise

I have been on RLCII-RLCVI and booked on VII. Music: The music never disappoints; it is always awesome. Of the 22-25 artists/bands on board, there is always a band that I want to listen to. Only problem is there is never enough time to listen to all of the bands. Destination: Doesn’t matter, I personally go for the music, not destination. Food: Always good, if I want a great meal, I eat in restaurant (which I normally do 2-3 times), but otherwise, I grab a salad or French fries from the buffet or pizza or sandwich wrap from Promenade cafe. Meet and Greets: I love the opportunity to have photos and meet the band members. I wish there was a way to have multiple meet and greets with the artists and have a limited number of people attending so that everyone could get photo and autograph. It is just very disappointing to be in line for over an hour and then be told that the line is closing before you get to meet artist. Overall Rating: 10+. I always have a blast and have met so many friends on the cruise, life long friends that I see outside of the annual cruises! That is very special. I have only one complaint - I hate that some people think they are above the rules and break in line entering the venues/meet and greets and lay their towels out on the pool deck at 6:00 am to hold a spot on the deck.

by Julie Dill on Rock Legends Cruise

We were first time cruiser's. Definitely the BEST vacation ever!!! Five of the most relaxing, stress free, days of a fun filled vacation.. We cannot say enough... the ship was clean, well managed, and beautiful.. venues were excellent. Rock Legend's did an excellent job with the line up...loved ALL the music we could see and the goodies with the Rock Legends Cruise were very well though out.Thanks to everyone for the memories..hope we can do it again someday soon

by Judy Diaz on Rock Legends Cruise

My husband and I took a chance and booked our first ever cruise in December 2011 after listening to a radio commercial about a cruise with ZZ Top, George Thorogood and John Kay playing and cruising with us (among many other great bands!). This was "Woodstock on Water"! We have been on every one since and have made many new friends who we correspond with throughout the year and look forward to seeing every year. There should be a different word than "Cruise" to describe this because it does not compare to a standard cruise by any means. Seeing- greeting-hugging-taking pictures with so many of our idols - PRICELESS!! Pam and the NAHA staff do an outstanding job and we always book as soon as each cruise booking opens - no need to wait to see who will be rockin' us! If you like classic and southern rock and have not booked this cruise, do not wait or you'll miss out. It sells out earlier every year. (Love to all the Dfers and FB Rock Legends Cruise Fans and FB Rock Legends Cruise Party'ers!)

by Wayne P. on Rock Legends Cruise
Line up

This was the first one we booked because of Sammy, Bad Co, Rik Emmett and Uriah Heep!! What a line up! This line up needs to be BOOKED AGAIN NOW for 2020. Both Sammy and Rik told me they would love to come back again soon so could you start working on that now and I know St. Louis Sammy fans will fill up the boat fast! The only negative was all the seat saving with the towels. Maybe you could have a security team watch the seats and remove towels after 30 minutes so others standing for hours can sit down. This REALLY needs to be enforced.... Everything else was fantastic!!!

Great Cruise!!

This was our second cruise with you guys and it didn't disappoint!! Loved the bands, weather was perfect and made some new friends!! My husband and I, and my sister and her husband are already on the next one and bringing new friends to our secret adventure!!

by John Roberts on Rock Legends Cruise
Great cause, great music

RLC 6 was our 5th Rock Legends Cruise, can not wait for RLC 7. Best. Time. Ever.

by L. Kelly on Rock Legends Cruise
Best Rock'n Roll Experience

This was my 5th RLC out of 6 and will be on the next one in 2019. It is the only way to do a cruise and one of the best ways to have an over the top rock 'n roll experience. There are three venues with shows going on from 10 am to past 12 midnight - every day! Once you're done for the night, the convenience of your cabin is just steps away. The RLC lineup speaks for itself. There is so much talent, legends and upcoming rockers, on the ship! The people, your fellow rockers, are all there for the same reason - rock 'n roll! Don't be surprised if you run into a few rock stars on the elevator or just hanging out watching a show.

Bucket list

We’ve been on cruises before, but this one was so different and so much fun! Leave your dressy clothes at home. Pack your concert T-shirts and you’re good to go. The music is top notch and yes they still sound great!! I feel like it was a once in a lifetime experience (unless I go again).

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What Passengers Think

Non-Stop music from morning till night on 3 stages. So, there is going to be something you like at any time going on somewhere on there ship. Meet and greets, photo-ops, All food included, 24 hour room service available. Top notch music entertainment. Hoping to do this every year.


I have ❤️ loved all 4 of the 5 I have been on. Looking forward to VI. Some of the best times of my life! And I have met some of the greatest people on Earth. Thanks for every memory! RLC ROCKS!