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Rock Legends Cruise
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by Will & Cindy Godbey on Rock Legends Cruise

I made 33 concerts this trip, and my wife had to miss a few. We had to miss quite a few meals to make all the concerts, but it was worth it. Also made 3 photo ops.
Coming from Alaska we seldom get the chance to see a concert much less 33 in 3-1/2 days. My rating is still the same, on a scale of 1 to 10, RLC is a 100 (yes one hundred). Thank you Pam, may you rock on for many more cruises.

by Peter on Rock Legends Cruise
New RLC Patron of Rock

We signed up for our first RLC Cruise (VI) 15 months in advance and counted down the days the entire time. I worried myself that it couldn't possibly meet my own mountain-high expectations after that long wait. It absolutely did. Every band that we saw played at an amazing level (and some of them are over 70!). And they cared. These groups love playing this gig. It shows.

The ship and its crew were wonderful. Food was good. We had great weather. And to top it off, the people are amazing! Such a beautiful, hip, relaxed and respectful gathering of rock fanatics. This is truly my tribe and my vibe.

Can't make RLC VII unfortunately but we're just waiting for the announcement for RLCVIII later this year. This cruise is rock's best kept secret.

by Rob on Rock Legends Cruise
A Great Vacation

This was our fourth RLC and, once again, we were not disappointed in the least. Paul Rodgers and the rest of Bad Company took me way back. Paul seems to get younger every year. The venues and line-ups were just what the doctor ordered. The crew and staff complimented the patrons and band members quite well.

My only real critical critique would involve the lack of seating on the pool deck venue. There really should be a way to better facilitate and regulate seating for more people, especially when one of the title bands played out there exclusively.

The merchandise supply was much better than in years past. Thank you. Keep up the great work! We will see you again soon.

by Beckie Webster on Rock Legends Cruise
Terrific Cruise

This was our first RLC, we REALLY wanted to do this one because of Uriah Heep and The Circle. The fact that Steppenwolf, Blue Oyster Cult, and Bad Company were on it also just sweetened the pot. It was our first time seeing Todd Rundgren, Gary Hoey, Quiet Riot, Artimis Pyle and Elvin Bishop, who were all great! We caught parts of some of the other bands and unfortunately some not at all. We didn't leave the ship at all because there just too much GREAT music!
The artist we met were all very nice. Loved the Meet and Greets. And now we have new bands to follow.
My only complaints ( and they wouldn't stop my husband and I from returning) were the saving of the chairs with towels, and the staff in the buffet room seemed ill equipped to handle the crowds, which were predictable. Also, I thought the buffet room should have had longer daytime hours, that would have helped with tables not available. But we weren't there for the food or the destination. We were there for the non stop music. Gary Hoey and the All Star Jam was the best surprise, we didn't move for 3 hours, didn't want to miss a second of that great show. Gary was a terrific host.
We will be back! Oh and fun swag too!

by Jeni on Rock Legends Cruise
This Cruise Was Meant for ME!

This was my 11th cruise overall but my First RLC! And I can simply say it's the BEST I have been on. It was more than anything I could have imagined. Everyone was there for one purpose, and that was to ROCK OUT! I loved all the bands, I loved how everyone was just happy (tough to come across now adays). I am HOOKED. I initially didn't think I'd be able to attend VII, (going on a Hawaiian cruise in April 2019), but I'm working it to make it happen (my suite mates already booked me so I have a room, just gotta figure out $$-but I'LL BE THERE). I met so many great people, the music is my genre of music and it's just a great time! Looking forward to many more, and it really is for a great cause (NAHA)

by Gemma on Rock Legends Cruise

If you love music the way we do, then this is the cruise for you! It is a marathon of bands playing at all times till at least 2am. Always something to do, no down time just dance dance dance! The people on the cruise are so much fun as well as the musicians whom are always willing to strike a pose! We have met incredible people and made some amazing friends . My only complaint is that the cruise ends 🙁 Nobody wants to get off the ship, just stay on and watch bands forever!
We are Rock Legends Cruisers for Life !

by LeslieG on Rock Legends Cruise
great experience!

This was our first cruise as well as first RLC. What a blast! NAHA knows how to do it right! Practically non stop music from big named artists to fabulous up and coming musicians, this cruise rocks! I got hooked for Sammy but seeing some of the other artists were also highlights! And everybody we met was very cool! Maybe not for VII, but we will be back in the future!

by Kris Bennett on Rock Legends Cruise

2018 was our first Rock Legends Cruise and as soon as we got off the boat we booked RLC7 for 2019. The entire experience was such a good vibe. Everybody on board from passengers to artists are just having a great time. It's not hard to do when everyone around you is happy.

by Lynne Bexley on Rock Legends Cruise

I have been on RLCII-RLCVI and booked on VII. Music: The music never disappoints; it is always awesome. Of the 22-25 artists/bands on board, there is always a band that I want to listen to. Only problem is there is never enough time to listen to all of the bands. Destination: Doesn’t matter, I personally go for the music, not destination. Food: Always good, if I want a great meal, I eat in restaurant (which I normally do 2-3 times), but otherwise, I grab a salad or French fries from the buffet or pizza or sandwich wrap from Promenade cafe. Meet and Greets: I love the opportunity to have photos and meet the band members. I wish there was a way to have multiple meet and greets with the artists and have a limited number of people attending so that everyone could get photo and autograph. It is just very disappointing to be in line for over an hour and then be told that the line is closing before you get to meet artist. Overall Rating: 10+. I always have a blast and have met so many friends on the cruise, life long friends that I see outside of the annual cruises! That is very special. I have only one complaint - I hate that some people think they are above the rules and break in line entering the venues/meet and greets and lay their towels out on the pool deck at 6:00 am to hold a spot on the deck.

by Julie Dill on Rock Legends Cruise

We were first time cruiser's. Definitely the BEST vacation ever!!! Five of the most relaxing, stress free, days of a fun filled vacation.. We cannot say enough... the ship was clean, well managed, and beautiful.. venues were excellent. Rock Legend's did an excellent job with the line up...loved ALL the music we could see and the goodies with the Rock Legends Cruise were very well thought out.

Thanks to everyone for the memories..hope we can do it again someday soon

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What Passengers Think

Once again NAHA pulled off an absolutely awesome cruise!!! I got to hear great music in a friendly atmosphere with other music lovers like myself. Definitely the best music cruise in my book. Keep rockin NAHA!

Marina, RLC 6 Marina, RLC 6

I cannot express how much fun this cruise is. I was skeptical at first, but since my all time favorite artist, Todd Rundgren, was added we went ahead and booked. From here on out we don’t even care who’s added to the bill, we are going. We’ve actually talked some friends into joining us next year. The best people and the bands are crazy fun! Can’t wait til next year!!

Donna, best time Donna, best time