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Booking Begins @ 10:00 AM (EST) on Tuesday, October 11, 2016!
Make your reservation in the first 46 hours and pay only a $50 Deposit per Cabin! *

* Monthly autopay enrollment is required for this special offer. Please note, if you book online and DO NOT choose YES for monthly autopay, we will make an effort to contact you to change that option. If we cannot reach you, your reservation will be cancelled and you will need to re-register.

At 8:00 am (EST) on October 13th, 2016, the required cabin deposit goes up to $250 per cabin.

Book and Pay Your Cabin in Full by 4:30 pm (EST) on October 31, 2016 and receive the following (per person):

  • Rock Legends Cruise 6 Event Program
  • Limited Edition Collector’s Item T-Shirt
  • Limited Edition Collector’s Item Towel
  • Admission to the Official NAHA Reception

What Passengers Think

If you love music the way we do, then this is the cruise for you! It is a marathon of bands playing at all times till at least 2 am. Always something to do, no down time just dance dance dance! The people on the cruise are so much fun as well as the musicians whom are always willing to strike a pose! We have met incredible people and made some amazing friends . My only complaint is that the cruise ends 🙁  Nobody wants to get off the ship, just stay on and watch bands forever! We are Rock Legends Cruisers for Life!

Gemma, RLCVI Gemma, RLCVI

RLC 6 was our 5th Rock Legends Cruise, can not wait for RLC 7. Best. Time. Ever.

John R., Great cause, great music John R., Great cause, great music