Pricing for Rock Legends Cruise IV


DeckBalcony?Per Person
Per Person
Per Person
Interior* 2, 3NoSOLD OUT $899.00SOLD OUT $749.00SOLD OUT $599.00
Interior 6, 7NoSOLD OUT $999.00SOLD OUT $833.00SOLD OUT $666.00
Interior* 8, 9, 10NoSOLD OUT $1,099.00
SOLD OUT $916.00
SOLD OUT $733.00
Promenade Interior* 6NoSOLD OUT $1,199.00
Promenade Interior 7NoSOLD OUT $1,249.00
Promenade Interior*8No$1,274.00
Ocean View* 2NoSOLD OUT $1,299.00
SOLD OUT $1,083.00
SOLD OUT $866.00
Ocean View* - Porthole 2NoSOLD OUT $1,199.00SOLD OUT $999.00SOLD OUT $799.00
Ocean View3No$1,349.00$1,124.00$899.00
Ocean View - Porthole 3NoSOLD OUT $1,249.00SOLD OUT $1,041.00SOLD OUT $833.00
Ocean View 6, 9NoSOLD OUT $1,374.00
Ocean View 7NoSOLD OUT $1,374.00SOLD OUT $1,145.00
Large Ocean View 6, 8, 9NoSOLD OUT $1,449.00SOLD OUT $1,208.00SOLD OUT $966.00
Large Ocean View 7, 10NoSOLD OUT $1,449.00
Deluxe Ocean View w/Balcony* 6Yes SOLD OUT $1,599.00 SOLD OUT $1,333.00SOLD OUT $1,066.00
Deluxe Ocean View w/Balcony* 7YesSOLD OUT $1,699.00SOLD OUT $1,416.00SOLD OUT $1,133.00
Deluxe Ocean View w/Balcony 8YesSOLD OUT $1,799.00SOLD OUT $1,499.00
Deluxe Ocean View w/Balcony 9, 10YesSOLD OUT $1,799.00
Superior Ocean View w/Balcony 6YesSOLD OUT $1,799.00SOLD OUT $1,499.00SOLD OUT $1,199.00
Superior Ocean View w/Balcony7Yes$1,899.00$1,583.00$1,266.00
Superior Ocean View w/Balcony8, 9, 10Yes$1,999.00$1,666.00$1,333.00
Junior Suite 7YesSOLD OUT $2,799.00SOLD OUT $2,333.00SOLD OUT $1,866.00
Junior Suite*+9, 10Yes$2,999.00$2,499.00$1,999.00
Grand Suite 10
YesSOLD OUT $3,199.00
SOLD OUT $2,666.00
SOLD OUT $2,133.00
Owner's Suite 10YesSOLD OUT $4,599.00SOLD OUT $3,833.00
SOLD OUT $3,066.00
Family Interior+2No$2,019.00$1,683.00$1,346.00
Family Promenade Interior+7, 8No$2,219.00$1,849.00$1,479.00
Family Ocean View+2No$1,919.00$1,599.00$1,279.00
Family Ocean View+6, 7No$1,969.00$1,641.00$1,313.00
Family Ocean View+8, 9No$2,019.00$1,683.00$1,346.00
Family Suite w/balcony+ 8, 9YesSOLD OUT $3,799.00SOLD OUT $3,166.00SOLD OUT $2,533.00
Royal Suite+ 10YesSOLD OUT $5,299.00SOLD OUT $4,416.00SOLD OUT $3,533.00
Presidential Suite+ 6YesSOLD OUT $6,199.00SOLD OUT $5,166.00SOLD OUT $4,133.00
*Handicap Accessible Available
+Some cabins hold up to 6 or 8 people, contact NAHA for pricing/availability
Pricing noted is PER PERSON, dependent upon the number of people in the stateroom.
An additional $176.00 per person will be added to your total at the time of booking to cover taxes and port fees. Gratuities will be charged to your cabin account at time of boarding in the amount of $48 pp for standard cabins (Junior Suites and smaller) and $57pp for Grand Suites and larger.